Sappho Singing

A film by Tzeli Hadjidimitriou based on the play by Maureen Duffy 

The poet Sappho, in the present day, is every bit as articulate on the subject of love as she was in the 6th century BC. This time round she turns up in her birthplace, the remote village of Eressos on the Greek island of Lesvos . The coastal landscapes are as breathtaking as they were in her day, but she is reminded that the girls she once loved have gone. When Sappho moves to the nearby beach resort in summer she discovers scores of women ready to party and she takes full advantage.

Maureen Duffy is a poet, playwright, novelist and non-fiction author. A lifelong activist on  gay rights and animal rights, she is particularly known for campaigning on behalf of authors. She is a recipient of the Benson Medal awarded annually to just one or two outstanding writers by the Royal Society of Literature. Of the 16 plays she has written, Sappho Singing is the fourth to be inspired by Greek themes. It was originally performed  in 2012.





Tzeli Hadjidimitriou is an independent film maker, fine art photographer and writer. She has published books in Greek and English, including her best seller, A Girl's Guide to Lesvos. She has an expert understanding of Sappho's poetry and regularly works as a consultant for BBC television on programmes about Sappho and Lesvos, the Greek island where both Tzeli and Sappho were born. Tzeli's films have been screened all over Europe and in October 2019 her documentary, In search of Orpheus, won the Best Greek documentary award at AegeanDocs Film Festival.