Ali Child is a writer, director and performer. She was a Choral Exhibitioner at Trinity College, Cambridge, appeared at the Arts Theatre with the Marlowe Society and Cambridge University Opera Society and  toured for two years with the Footlights Revue. She graduated with a degree in History and a P.G.C.E. in English and Drama. She has worked as a Teacher Trainer, Business Development Manager and Voice Artist. Her work has been performed at Salisbury Arts Centre, Salisbury Playhouse Chesil Theatre Winchester and the Marlborough, Dukebox and Rialto Theatres in Brighton. In 2014 she was selected for a Playwriting programme at the Royal Court Theatre. Since eaten she has written 'All The Nice Girls', 'Deep in The Heart of Me' and 'Fall of Duty'. She is currently completing a Masters in Research at the University of Brighton.


Rosie Wakley has worked in the theatre in many capacities including Master Carpenter, Stage Manager and ultimately Production Manager at the Coliseum for the English National Opera. She has an M.B.A. degree from Lancaster University and performs widely as her alter ego, lounge singer, Ronnie Rialto.


In 2014 Ali and Rosie formed Behind The Lines to put lesbians centre stage and tell their stories. They believe, in the words of Diana Souhami, “Acceptance can’t happen without openness, and we should all try to speak out in our own way. If you’re silent and invisible you’re no trouble to anyone. You’re so buried you’re assumed not to be there. So, historically, we have to dig deep to shed light on ‘these practices’, rid them of insult, turn the wrongdoing around,