Connecting communities with hidden lesbian stories embedded in popular heritage from the past 

This project supported  by the Heritage Lottery Fund began in 2019 with the following objectives:

  • Work with local community organisations in five locations across the UK to hold launch events, share learning to date about Gwen and Norah, and recruit volunteers. 


  • Work with local volunteers and networks to research Gwen and Norah’s connections to the five places, and plan ways of celebrating and sharing their stories locally. 
  • Deliver five events across the UK, produced in collaboration with local communities/volunteers. 
  •  Record and share the project through Behind the Lines' website, videos, blogs, and a book deposited at local libraries/community centres in the five locations 



London Event: 22nd October

Brighton Event: 25th October Horatio's Brighton Palace Pier

Effingham Event: 7th March 2020 Effingham Golf Club

Bradford Event; Tbc

St Austell Event: 26th September 2020 St Austell Arts Centre