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Nominated Best LGBTQ show Brighton Fringe 2016

BEHIND THE LINES is a theatre company set up by Alison Child and Rosie Wakley in 2014 to put lesbians centre stage and tell their stories. Our first show 'All The Nice Girls' has been performed throughout the UK in theatres, community halls, pubs and care homes.

'Deep in The Heart of Me', our most recent piece, started life at the Brighton Fringe in 2016. Both shows last 60 minutes are written and performed by Ali and Rosie.



Part Music Hall turn, part History play, this delightful work combines romance and nostalgia to look at the lives of forgotten Variety artists Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney. Incorporating songs from Music Hall performer Ella Shields (‘Burlington Bertie’, ‘Oh It’s a Lovely War!’ ‘If You Knew Susie’) expect  to laugh, cry and be  transported back in time for 50 golden minutes.

“totally absorbing and gorgeous………an amazing experience...truly magical!”

'Deep in The Heart of Me' - 'a sweet love story with appeal to everyone' Richard Stamp. Fringe Guru


Thirty years on from ‘Shirley Valentine’, Janet takes a holiday to Greece. She meets the girl of her dream, in a suit and tie singing Frank Sinatra songs. To a backdrop of his greatest hits, ‘All or Nothing at All’, ‘Strangers in the Night’, ‘I’ve Got you under my Skin’ their romance unfolds and Janet realises this holiday was a departure in more ways than one. Behind The Lines presents this new show alongside their hit from last year’s Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe, ‘All the Nice Girls’ which was Nominated for the Outstanding Local Talent Award.



"Each song - mostly Rat Pack - is performed for maximum comedic effect, as the pair hilariously act out their clumsy falling for one another. The first few songs are mixed with more rib-tickling dialogue, and great use of projections, which turn Sweet Waterfront's drab conference-style room into the Greek Island of Lesbos. The play feels warm, layered, and captivating...When Janet and Rosie meet their chemistry is undeniable, and the two actresses play the romance in a loving, endearing and utterly believable way; from the awkward winks and nods off to the audience to the lustful looks at one another."



"All The Nice Girls"

“A touching, truly enlightening and lovingly-crafted revue” 

“A wonderfully vital insight into a different time performed with charm and conviction”

'The Stage'  5th May 2015


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'All The Nice Girls' is currently on tour visiting small venues and community groups and playing at Arts Festivals. It's an entertaining, nostalgic  show about the Music Hall and Revue, looking at the careers of Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney through the eyes of male impersonator Ella Shields.


Here's  footage of us performing in Manchester in February. Made for us by Cathie Rose Heart.


We had a great time performing at the People's History Museum in Manchester at the LGBT History Festival. Sue Sanders, the Chair of the Festival and the organisation 'Schools Out ' said, :"The show is a joy, a delightful blend of history and song. We learn about the life of lesbians through humour and through the eyes of two lesbian entertainers. It moves you educates and charms you. See it!"